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THERE ARE 1TWO OPTIONS If you already have some knowledge of Spanish: you can improve your language skills with an intensive 1 month (4 weeks) course at BLS idiomas and then go on to university. 2 If you are starting from scratch with the Spanish language: you have the option of spending a few months with us before joining university, so you can gradually adapt to the city and the language. 9 month course (36 weeks).  DIFFERENT DEGREES AND SUBJECTS TO CHOOSE FROM: Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations, Tourism, Architecture, Biology, Science, Medicine, Nursing, Environment, Engineering, Law, Mathematics...and many more! We also Offer  • Intensive Spanish course: preparation classes, prior to university attendance. • Access to study for a semester, or a full year, at a university in Seville. • Complementary cultural activities to get to know the city. • Assistance with accommodation if needed (host families/student residences/apartments). • Airport transfer (to & from the airport to BLS idiomas).  21 

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