I had been with the same company for more than nine years, but due to the economic crisis, it went into insolvency and in 2012 I became unemployed. I was 38 years old, my wife was also unemployed, and I was awaiting the arrival of my first daughter, the future looked, if not hopeless, at least worrying.

    The solution was to adapt to the situation and upgrade my skills, with a view to facilitating my reintegration into the labour market. reintegration into the labour market. One of the areas where I felt I needed to boost my CV was in the area of languages.

    In order to improve my knowledge, I chose BLS idiomas academy, and the reason for this decision was knowing one of its owners, Sara, with whom I had worked for two years, and I already had references of her dedication and professionalism.
    I started by reinforcing the basics by doing a two month intensive course (October and November 2012), and taking the PET-B1 exam in December.
    It was a good step in order to review everything I had learnt before and to refresh it due to the little use I had made of it over the last few years, my teacher Anna was a great help. I passed with a very good mark, and I was encouraged to continue with the next level.

    As the next bimonthly intensive course for the First Certificate-B2 was not due to start until January 2013, I took advantage of the month of December to practice with the books and films provided by BLS
    idiomas, always with the help of Clara, from administration, which helped me a lot to be better prepared for the greater demands that I was going to have to face.

    My teacher on this occasion was Rob, and the atmosphere in class was also great, we were all very participative and collaborated in a pleasant way in each and every one of the activities and exercises we had in the class. Four of us took the First exam in March, and all four of us passed comfortably with good marks.

    I could have been satisfied and settled for what I had already achieved, but as I saw that it was within my reach to go one step further and take it to the next level and get Advanced-C1, I joined an extensive group in March that had been running since October.

    A few days ago, my efforts have finally paid off: I have already got a job, for which a good level of English was a decisive factor, as one of the owning companies is international, and many of the reports, mails and conversations are in English. Next month I will take the Advanced exam, which I also hope to pass.

    This whole journey with BLS idiomas has been very rewarding and has allowed me to turn a moment of crisis into an opportunity to progress and improve professionally, as well as meeting many wonderful people of whom I will keep unforgettable memories.